Caspar Bowden
Director, FIPR

Caspar Bowden is director of the Foundation for Information Policy Research, a think-tank for Internet policy that studies the interaction between information technology and society, researches public policy alternatives, and promotes public understanding and dialogue between stakeholders and policy-makers in the UK and Europe. Research topics include: legislation and regulation of electronic commerce and infrastructure, consumer protection, data protection and privacy, copyright, law enforcement and national security, evidence and archiving, electronic government and interaction with business and the citizen, and social inclusion.

Co-organizer of the Scrambling for Safety public conferences on UK cryptography policy, Caspar was formerly a programmer and Internet consultant, a quantitative strategist and risk manager in an investment bank, and chief designer for a virtual reality software house. FIPR's analysis of the RIP Act 2000 stimulated debate, and led to amendments ensuring that people who have lost keys or forgotten passwords are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and requiring a warrant for surveillance of web browsing.

FIPR is non-profit and donors have no influence over general or specific policy, which is governed by an independent board of trustees in consultation with an expert Advisory Council.


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