Computers, Freedom and Privacy (CFP) is the most important computer conference you've never heard of. " -- Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY, April 4, 2000

For over a decade, the Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference has played a major role in the public debate on the future of privacy and freedom in the online world. The CFP audience is as diverse as the Net itself, with attendees not only from government, business, education, and non-profits, but also from the community of computer professionals, hackers, crackers and engineers who work the code of cyberspace. The themes have been broad and forward-looking. CFP explores what will be. It is the place where the future is mapped.

CFP2002 will explore the most important issues facing the Internet and freedom, including: consumer privacy, broadband issues, wireless privacy and security, digital divide, critical infrastructure issues, public records, filtering, ICANN, disabilities access and much more.

For more information, visit the main CFP page - and read CFP2000 Chair Lorrie Cranor's essay on Ten Years of Computers, Freedom and Privacy.


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